Mayra Iniguez LMFT, EMDR, CSAT

Marriage & Family Therapist License #107360

If you are struggling with addictions, PTSD, depression, anxiety and relationship issues, you have come to the right place. Emotions are a natural part of life, but sometimes we struggle feeling stuck with painful emotions causing life and our circumstances to feel unmanageable. It can feel as though we are giving our best but have yet to see the desired outcome, and our emotions can get the best of us. Mayra’s ultimate goal is to treat and heal the underlying root causes, thus providing an opportunity to break free from the chains of the harmful or negative past behaviors and thought processes.

She specializes in trauma, relationship issues, depression/anxiety, substance abuse, sex and gambling addiction. Mayra’s extensive and unique experience and training allows her to implement talk, hypnotherapy, and EMDR in order to provide swift and transformative healing. She truly believes in being able to heal someone at a level that is deeper than the surface, which can be life changing and transformative!