Maria Vazquez

Associate Number # 108826
My name is Maria or Mari, I usually answer to both, and recently graduated from USC (Go Trojans) with my Master’s of Social Work! I fell in love with this field in high school and recently continued to evolve my knowledge of mindfulness therapy since I began learning about it at SC. I loved working with various populations, providing therapy to individuals, group, and running groups like Seeking Safety and WRAP or MRT! I love reading and music and using these skills in my therapeutic career has continued to help me become more mindful of the different backgrounds we come from. As a mental health professional I learned that meeting people were they are at and taking a mindful approach works wonders along with being yourself and empathetic too! Fun fact: I’ve ready over 2,000 books (yes I’ve read and own them all) and it continue to grow!
Maria Vazquez is a associate therapist and currently under Director of Clinical Supervision Josie Myles Lic # MFT50358