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Therapist and author Darrin Ford, LMFT is the founder of Mindful Centers, and The Mindfulness Academy of Addiction and Trauma Training. With over 20 years of clinical experience, Darrin is a popular national conference and motivational speaker on the topics of Mindfulness, Addiction, and Trauma. He has spoken at national conferences and symposiums around the United States including, The International Institute of Trauma and Addition Professionals, The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, The Beverly Hills Bar Association, and has presented to Kedren Acute Care Psychiatric Hospital, USC, and other prestigious organizations. Darrin has written several best selling books (see below). If you would like to connect with Darrin for your event as a keynote speaker or a presenter, you may reach him through email at


You can listen to Darrin Ford via the following:

Podcast Interview, “Conversations”, you can listen here.

Podcast Interview with Sex Help and Carol Juergensen Sheets, you can listen here.

Podcast Interview with Living Mindfully: Her Life Unscripted – Anna Osborn & Darrin Ford, you can listen here

Webinar Presentation, “Mindfulness and the Treatment of Addictive Disorders”, you can listen here.


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