Anupama Nagaraj LMFT MBATT

LMFT #86776 , MBATT

Anu Nagaraj is an experienced trauma and addictions psychotherapist who supports individuals, couples, and families on building resiliency through creating awareness and helping people overcome stagnation to make the necessary changes for a more fulfilling life.  She has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based interventions and Motivational Interviewing.  Anu graduated from Santa Clara University with a master’s in Counseling Psychology.  


“The pain of trauma and addiction is often overwhelming and can lead us down a path of self-sabotaging behaviors.  Relationships and trust can be broken, including the trust we have with ourselves, and trying to fix issues of harm and betrayal are incredibly tough to fix without outside support.  The work I do with clients can help them learn to relate to their self in a compassion focused manner that empowers them to lead more fulfilling lives.  We are not the mistakes we make.  We are, however, how we get back up and how we treat our self and others after mistakes we make.  We need to learn from our mistakes and improve the way with deal with our self, with others, and with life circumstances.”